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Class Act ::Mage Bandit:: by Jakesword Class Act ::Mage Bandit:: by Jakesword
My entry for Seventh Sanctum's Class Act contest, where you create a character class from the three generators on the site.

Class: Mage Bandit
The Mage Bandit is a class descendent of the legendary Great Castle Thief. Both leading figures of the Classes are related, distantly by generations. The Mage Bandit uses a variation of the rare Galaxy Cloth as of tricks of their trade, as Galaxy Cloth bags can hold a near unlimited amount of items, in this case, mages.
Their reasons for taking mages are unknown, although rumours have spread that they dislike mages and their ilk, that they wants the mages power for their own, to show their superiority over mages or have a perverse affection for magic, although these are merely rumours and are unfounded...
The main weakness of all Mage Bandits is their own weapon against mages, their Galaxy Cloth bag, of which some accidentally fall into while others are forced into the bag by someone else, though usually never by their prey.

Kazuki Ronin, the Mage Bandit presented, is the best of all known Mage Bandits, and is the descendent of the original legendary Great Castle Thief. Kazuki is apparently immune to the effects of Galaxy Cloth, as it acts as ordinary cloth to him, seeing how his cloak is made of Galaxy Cloth, with the inside being the containment side. While this makes him immune to the common weakness of Mage Bandits, he is still human, and is also known to have unsuccessful relationships with various women, especially those from DiD situations.
Kazuki is also known for hosting Mage Bandit swap meets, where mage bandits gather at times to swap the mages they have captured, with Kazuki charging a mage for entry to the swap meet. Kazuki also has the most of the more powerful mages, a symbol of his status as the best of the class, and thus far the only one to have captured a Dragon Mage.

Used the Character Class Generator [link] of Seventh

All this information was made by myself, the only generated things were the class titles Mage Bandit and Great Castle Thief (the latter of which may come later) =)

Art (c) Me
EDIT: Scanned image put up =)
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zsarke Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2008
This makes no sense ;3;
Jakesword Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2008
It's a made up Roleplaying class, for the Class Act Contest, didn't you read the description? o3o
Weregnome Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2007
very nice description m8
DragonScholar Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2007
Putting this up tonight!
Jakesword Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2007
Heh, thanks ^^ I'll go look at my competition as they enter =)
Picormdwe Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2007
Thems colours are looking good =D
Jakesword Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2007
Danke ^^
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